Large landscape trees – a communications strategy (P2896)

Large species trees  (that can attain heights of over 15m) are elemental components of some of the finest urban landscapes in towns and cities in the UK, where they bring human scale, beauty and seasonal change and have a stature that can match and soften the architecture, infrastructure and hard spaces of town and city environments.

Our large species trees are in decline and under threat in our urban areas, and we, who are involved in planting and maintaining large trees need to act quickly to reverse this trend.

This project will build on CIRIA's new report The benefits of large species trees in urban landscapes: a costing, design and management guide (C712) and create a numberof tools and activities including a series of events, site visits and newsletters and other support activities to encourage an interactive community that makes learning about large trees an easy to use, dynamic and enjoyable experience.

Project status

This project is currently in the fundraising stage.

Project funders

CIRIA is currently seeking funding for this project (both technical and financial).

Further information
To find out more please contact Joanne Kwan at CIRIA.