Fundamental Truths – Low-carbon design in UK construction

Fundamental Truths is a tool which aims to share experience gained in developing and delivering low carbon designs through an interactive diagram linked to a series of case studies.

Fundamental Truths has been developed through the infrastructure board of the Green Construction Board, (GCB) made up of senior representatives from leading UK public and private infrastructure organisations.

Fundamental truths – Low carbon design in UK construction

Government and industry is building on the work of the Low Carbon Construction IGT and working collaboratively through the Green Construction Board (GCB) to drive forward the actions set out in the Low Carbon Construction Action Plan.

The GCB works collaboratively with industry to provide a platform for green growth and promote the message that a green construction sector can lead to business opportunities and economic growth.

The group aims to share experience gained in developing and delivering low carbon designs.

The diagram and connected case studies identify concepts and enablers to reduce carbon & cost outcomes within six strategic outcomes:

  • A contribution to climate change mitigation
  • Reduced use of resources
  • Lower embodied carbon and capital cost
  • Lower operational carbon and running costs
  • Improved solutions
  • Increased UK competitive advantage

The diagram includes a timeline for delivering reduced carbon and reduced cost, and the expected reductions in embodied carbon from a baseline year and is arranged under six themes:

  • Goals, aspirations and leadership
  • Communication and buy-in
  • Baseline targets and measurement
  • Asset standards and innovation
  • Commercial solutions
  • Process governance

Case studies from a number of sectors including infrastructure and utilities are linked to the various concepts, enablers and outcomes in the main diagram and compare traditional solutions with sustainable solutions used which illustrate the benefits for both clients and end users.

The case studies provide practical examples of how these concepts and enablers are implemented, highlighting the benefits for clients and end users, the process of implementation, key learning points and end-user feedback.

Further information can be found on the GBC website.