Research by topic: Regeneration and contaminated land

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Projects underway

The UXO Forum
This project has been designed to bring real change to the industry through a series of events and other tools.
Asbestos from ground – a site guide
Poor disposal practices, demolition and other anthropogenic processes have resulted in asbestos often being present in the ground particularly on brownfield sites.
Contaminated sediments - a good practice guide for the UK
This project will provide a good practice guide on contaminated sediments, which examines how practitioners can use existing reports, and develop practical guidance for the UK.
A guide for developments on small contaminated sites
This project construction professionals involved in small developments to understand the regulatory requirements, how to overcome access and limited space restrictions, manage soil and waste etc..

Project proposals

Risk assessment for contaminated land – 2014 update
This project will bring together current understanding and experience in assessing technical risk in contaminated sites.