Research by topic: Regeneration and contaminated land

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Projects underway

Contaminated sediments - a good practice guide for the UK
This project will provide a good practice guide on contaminated sediments, which examines how practitioners can use existing reports, and develop practical guidance for the UK.
The UXO Forum
This project has been designed to bring real change to the industry through a series of events and other tools.
Asbestos from soil site management aide
This project will produce the first UK interactive aid/tool in smart phones or tablets for ground workers and other site workers dealing with asbestos contaminated materials on site.
A guide for developments on small contaminated sites
This project construction professionals involved in small developments to understand the regulatory requirements, how to overcome access and limited space restrictions, manage soil and waste etc..

Project proposals

UXO through the Construction Cycle – A good practice guidance and toolbox talks
This project will provide training materials for site operatives and ground workers to manage UXOs more efficiently in land projects
Effective innovative remediation approaches for contaminated land – case studies and good practice
This project will update C549 explain how to design and implement innovative land remediation technologies using a series of case studies.
Cost effective and innovative site investigation: a guide for safe application
This project will keep contaminated land practitioners, regulators and other stakeholders up-to-date with latest development, understand the benefits and limitations, theory and practical, safe and cost effective application of these new approaches