Research by topic: Infrastructure asset management

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Projects underway

Application of Eurocode 7 to the design of flood embankments
Eurocode 7 is the EU standard for the design of geotechnical structures. Its use in public sector works became mandatory in EU member states in 2010 and it has been implemented in varying ways by member states.
Responding to the lessons learnt from flooding
The aim of this project is to provide guidance on how to implement the recommendations contained in the published reports and from other lessons learned.
Rock slope netting design, installation and maintenance
UK's transportation infrastructure owners and operators are increasingly using rock slope netting to safeguard against rock slope failure and progressive degradation.
Grouting in dams - best practice guidance
This project will provide comprehensive guidance recognising that the long history of dam construction in the UK has resulted in many forms of design, construction and maintenance evident today.
Deterioration and degradation modelling of infrastructure assets
CIRIA is undertaking scoping of a proposed project on deterioration and degradation modelling of infrastructure assets.
Tower Crane stability guidance - update
The update of Tower Crane Stability guide (C654) aims to demonstrate the safe design of tower cranes in response to changes since the publication of the original guidance in 2006.
NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Programme (ERIIP)
The Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme is a five-year, £5m initiative, which will be driven by the needs of the business community and decision-makers.

Project proposals

Infrastructure data – signposting of good practice in capture, management and analysis
This new initiative will signpost emerging good practice in the capture, management and analysis of construction and other related data.
Engineered and natural slopes - protection and stabilisation systems
This scoping project will determine what guidance is required for those specifying and managing structural health monitoring (SHM) systems. CIRIA will use the findings from a scoping workshop to develop a research proposal for good practice guidance