Starting on site (P2961)

Each time we embark upon a new construction project, there are a host of things which have to be done (and some which may need to be done) to get the site started and to ensure that things run smoothly once work gets going.

Although these requirements impact most immediately upon the Main/Principal Contractor who is responsible for the work at site, all members of the team (including the client) will have legal and contractual responsibilities and duties, as well as opportunities to make the project more successful. CIRIA proposes to prepare a guide setting down the key requirements, discussing them briefly and indicating where more detailed guidance may be found on particular issues.

The stages of setting up a site can have a profound impact on the performance of the project from several perspectives particularly environmental, health and safety, efficiency, waste and logistics.

Setting up the site well will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to perform optimally and maximise the chances of the project running smoothly.  Getting it wrong can lead to recurring problems, inefficiencies, frustrations and have a spiralling negative effect on morale, safety, quality, programme and costs.

Aim of the project

CIRIA aims to produce a guide covering all the key stages in the planning and set-up of a construction site with the objective of helping people to

  • ensure that key site factors are identified and taken into account as early as possible
  • promote collaborative working and best practice solutions drawing on industry experience
  • encourage innovative thinking.

The guidance will be aimed at the following:

  • project managers who will use it to ensure that good processes are put in place and to brief the team
  • the site managers of Main/Principal Contractors who will use it to guide their activities
  • assistant and trainee site managers who will use it as training material
  • clients and their managers, who will be advised of their duties and advised about what they can do to facilitate a successful project where quality is delivered without detriment to cost and time
  • designers, who will be advised about helpful measures which they can take in their designs
  • HQSE managers generally and CDM Co-ordinators (or whatever) specifically
  • environmental specialists (and other identified specialists).

Project status

Preliminary drafting is underway.

Further information

To find out more contact Lee Kelly at CIRIA.

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