Defects in hidden bridge components (P2905)

The closure of the Hammersmith flyover just ahead of the 2012 Olympics went some way to highlight the significant risk which hidden defects in infrastructure assets can cause.

Lack of functionality for such assets has both social and economic impact and can cause not only disruption to major programs but also to infrastructure and the economy as a whole. With this in mind, CIRIA intends to produce a succinct guidance document for Defects in hidden bridge components.

The guidance will bring together a wide range of experience and knowledge from asset owners, contractors, designers and academia to:

  • address the need to design and detail structures so that all elements are fit for purpose and are readily inspectable to confirm structural integrity without the need for disruptive disassembly.
  • explore the inspection techniques that are available to determine the condition of hidden parts in existing structures.
  • provide guidance given on the identification and maintenance of structures, which are susceptible to catastrophic failure of hidden parts.

Whilst various pieces of research have been undertaken over the previous years, this document looks to collate all previous research into one standardised document, combining research, experience, innovation and future proposed innovations to drive forward best practice and help manage risk where bridges structures are concerned.

Project status

CIRIA is currently finalising scoping of the project.

CIRIA is seeking industry involvement and funding for the project.

Further information
To find out more contact Chris Chiverrell at CIRIA.