Groynes in coastal engineering (P3030)

Groynes often form significant elements of the coastal protection schemes around the coast of England and Wales. Investment costs associated with their construction, maintenance and decommissioning is significant. Management practices have evolved as research has developed and practical experience, for instance with new materials, is gained. Recognising this, the Environment Agency, SCOPAC and CIRIA have identified the need for further guidance on the management of groynes. The document would extend and update CIRIA’s existing guide, particularly in terms of maintenance and materials.

Download the full proposal.

Get involved
There are three ways of getting involved.

1. Complete a short questionnaire
The questionnaire asks your views on issues associated with the design, construction, maintenance and removal of weirs* and your current use of guidance
*Note this is a second survey, which complements the earlier one undertaken on data collection.

2. Register interest in attending a workshop on March 24*
We are seeking balanced representation from individuals with experience in:
Management and maintenance
Materials production, testing and supply
Environment and safety
Policy and regulatory matters
*Note this is an invited workshop with limited spaces. We are aiming for an appropriate balance of representation across these groups. If you are interested in attending, email
Owen Jenkins at CIRIA.

3. Becoming a funder
As well as enabling this project to proceed, funders will have opportunities to steer the work and network with other stakeholders via a CIRIA Steering Group. If you are interested in funding, please email Owen Jenkins at CIRIA.