Fit-out environmental good practice on site guide (RP1011)

Construction activities will inevitably have an impact on the immediate neighbours and the wider environment.

Good environmental practice enables these impacts, including transport, noise, pollution, and the indirect impacts of product selection, to be managed positively. Clients, their professional advisers, contractors and the whole construction supply chain, all have responsibilities for environmental management.

The construction industry is responsible for high levels of waste - around 10 per cent of all raw materials on many sites end up as waste. There is increasing pressure from regulators, environmental groups, other businesses and residents to ensure that the construction industry's activities reduce its impact on the environment.

There is a need for guidance that will enable construction sites to better deal with the requirements placed upon them. It will also support clients who want to use their office as a 'shop window' for their brand values, and environmental issues often play a key role in this.

This project will develop a good practice on site guide reflecting current best practice and legislation to ensure effective design intent and delivery of good practice on site.

Project status

Work on the project has now started with the development of draft guide having finalised arrangements for the research contractor.

Project funders

Brookfield Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd
Willmott Dixon Interiors Limited

CIRIA is seeking further funding support. Please contact Philip Charles to discuss the benefits of supporting the project.

Research Contractor

SRS Sustainable Business Limited

Further information
Please contact Philip Charles to discuss the benefits of supporting the project.