Deterioration and degradation modelling of infrastructure assets (P2730)

This proposal is for a programme of evidence gathering activities including a workshop and report on the subject of asset deterioration and degradation modelling. This will be done in a systematic way to enable cross-sector infrastructure service providers (and other asset owners and operators from other construction and non-construction sectors) to compare and contrast approaches to developing asset degradation models and decision-making support tools. 

Background to CIRIA proposal
Predictive modelling of asset deterioration and degradation is a maturing field and progressively, with good data and engineering judgement, can contribute to smarter infrastructure asset management and infrastructure investment prioritisation. 

The economic climate in the UK coupled with environmental risks, interdependencies and the need to ensure critical and local infrastructure assets are resilient mean asset degradation models and associated decision-support tools  at operational, tactical and strategic levels are being developed to aid owners of infrastructure assets (particularly those with a large portfolio) to understand better their network-wide vulnerabilities. Progressively these models and tools are being used to help ascertain asset interventions and build the case for investment prioritisation, in line with overarching policies and strategies.

The strongest interest emanates amongst a number of industry groups in exploring this topic. For instance, the Bridge Owners Forum (BOF) and Geotechnical Asset Owners Forum (GAOF) are respectively developing activities on asset deterioration and degradation. CIRIA’s coastal infrastructure management workshop in October 2015 also identified that justifying and prioritising maintenance investment warranted further cross-sector exploration while also sharing of information / knowledge on historical performance and future degradation of structural, geotechnical and drainage assets.
Project status

CIRIA is currently engaging stakeholders to secure funding support for the project.

Further information
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