CIRIA asbestos in soil project begins with appointment of research contractor

CIRIA, the construction industry research association, has announced the start of its project, Guide to managing and understanding the risks of asbestos in soil and on Brownfield sites, with the appointment of lead research contractors, Land Quality Management and The Institute of Occupational Medicine.

The project aims to improve the performance of practitioners and other professionals when undertaking risk assessments on sites that could be contaminated by asbestos. The project will also assist land owners, developers and regulators as they assess and manage the potential for asbestos in Brownfield sites.

The scope of the project includes health risks posed by asbestos, relevant legislation such as Part IIA / Planning, and the advantages and limitations of various remediation approaches.

The project will also review international case studies and experiences of assessing and managing asbestos from countries such as the USA, Australia and the Netherlands.

The resulting guidance will work in tandem with previously released publications and work from the likes of ICRCL, HSE, HSL, IOM, CL:AIRE, EIC, SOBRA and the Environment Agency.

The project report is due to be released at the end of 2012.

For more information about this project, please contact Joanne Kwan at CIRIA