TRaCCA: input sought a for new web portal

RSSB (Rail Safety Standards Board) have commissioned a major research project aimed at better understanding and communicating extreme weather events and climate change impacts relevant to the British railway industry. The project is called TRaCCA (Tomorrow’s Railway and Climate Change Adaptation). Click here for more information about the project.

As part of the TRaCCA project the Arup led consortium, which comprises CIRIA, Met Office, JBA Consulting and the University of Birmingham, are building a web portal or 'knowledge dissemination platform' to share useful and important project related information, documents and data.

We are seeking input from potential users of this web portal, and from relevant stakeholders more widely, to inform and assist its design and testing.

Thank you in advance for filling in this survey. It is much appreciated and will help to ensure that the TRaCCA web portal or ‘knowledge dissemination platform’ is designed with potential end users in mind.

Click here to take the survey.