Responsible sourcing in construction

The global economy has grown to a scale that is unprecedented in history. People and goods move between countries with ease and speed, creating an interdependent global network and supply chain, which increase the risk of loopholes and ‘dark corners’.

This is driving the desire and need for organisations to demonstrate that they are doing businesses in a responsible way, and that materials and services are purchased (or provided) taking account of the environmental, social and ethical implications that these may have.

As more and more organisations are realising, this can be achieved only though the engagement of the supply chain. By working with their supply chain, organisations can ensure that issues such as the excessive use of resources, greenhouse gas emissions, conflict materials and modern slavery are tackled and minimised.

CIRIA is delighted to announce events that will help organisations understand how the construction industry can work with their suppliers to respond to legislative and market drivers and mitigate risks.

Tackling modern slavery in supply chains webinar (19 April) will explore how the construction industry is responding to the Modern Slavery legislation and to increasing pressures to mitigate risks associated with modern slavery and ethical labour issues in their supply chains.

Later in summer CIRIA will launch its forthcoming guidance Minimising risks through responsible sourcing at two events to be held on 1 June in London (hosted by Marshalls) and 19 June in Loughborough (hosted by University of Loughborough).