New tool assesses the benefits of SuDS

We’re delighted to launch BeST (Benefits of SuDS Tool, W045), a new, free Excel tool for use on PC.

The tool and guidance has been developed to make assessing the benefits of SuDS easier, without the need for full scale economic inputs.

BeST provides a structured approach to evaluating a wide range of benefits, often based upon the overall drainage system performance. It follows a simple structure, that begins with a screening and qualitative assessment to identify the benefits to evaluate further. Then it provides support to help quantify and monetise each benefit. On completion of the evaluation, the tool provides a series of graphs and charts based on Ecosystem Services (ESS) and Triple Bottom Line (TBL) criteria.


BeST Evaluation Tool (Release 1, July 2015)
Options Comparison Tool (Release 1, July 2015)



BeST - User Manual (Release 1, July 2015)
BeST - Technical guidance (Release 1, July 2015)

Please be aware that by downloading these documents, your details will be added to our database and mailing list.

To support the release of BeST, CIRIA is holding two, 50 minute webinars to introduce the tool. Each session will:
  • Provide a step by step introduction about applying the tool
  • Demonstrate how to use BeST
  • Explain the outputs that you can achieve from the tool
  • Show how to select the impacts from your scheme that you wish to assess
We hope that you can join us. These webinars are free to attend, book your place on 13 July 2015 at 1.00pm or 23 July 2015 at 8.30am.


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