CIRIA announces new BIM training course for clients and consultants

With the Government’s 2016 deadline fast approaching, the thirst for Building Information Modelling (BIM) understanding is exceeded only by the multitude of freely available seminars and web resources that claim to explain the strategic and technical aspects of BIM. However, real, practical advice which helps to build strategy and support implementation is very hard to come by.

The inaugural training course takes place on 23 April in London at CIRIA offices. The course will enable delegates to understand where their organisation is in relation to the BIM journey and what immediate and practical benefits they can gain with the resources available. Delegates will learn how to establish realistic BIM objectives and develop a strategy for full implementation with minimum investment in software and training. This course will help attendees to reduce consultants costs, tendering costs and total project costs and will ensure help any avoid wasted effort and frustration.

Why attend:

  • You will be guided through an assessment of where your organisation is using Government’s implementation plan as a benchmark, identifying benefits, and defining a road map to reach the required BIM implementation level before the deadline of 2016.
  • In advance of being ready for full implementation, you will learn how to realise immediate benefits from BIM adoption on both new and on-going projects. For this, you will be given practical, actionable tips on how to attain improved, leaner project processes within the limitations of the skills and resources currently available.
  • You will also learn how to assess potential BIM benefits, how to consider value versus implementation costs, and how to set realistic objectives for today’s projects.

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