Asbestos: understanding and managing asbestos risks in soil

Previous focus on asbestos has dealt with the management of asbestos contamination within buildings, however, the results of the 1000’s of investigations at contaminated sites across the UK has found that asbestos is frequently identified in Made Ground and there has been ambiguity in the approach to assessing risk.

In December 2011 CIRIA embarked on a project Guide to managed and understanding the risks of asbestos in soil and on brownfield sites. This project provided contaminated land professionals with practical guidance on assessing asbestos risk from ground. The project also aimed to improve understanding of the dose-response relationship between exposure to asbestos fibres and mesothelioma. The outcome of the project findings are now published in CIRIA report Asbestos in soil and made ground: a guide to understanding and managing risks (C733) which will also be the first good practice guidance document since 1990 in the UK.

Dr Paul Nathanail, professor of Engineering Geology at the University of Nottingham, and co-author of the new CIRIA guide, said "this guide represents a major milestone in our understanding and management of asbestos in soil. There are many unknowns - both scientific and policy - but our current state of knowledge allows affordable and pragmatic approaches to be implemented at hundreds of redevelopment sites across the country."

The guide was launched at a CIRIA Network event on 26 March 2014 in London. Find out more and order a copy of Asbestos in soil and made ground: a guide to understanding and managing risks.