Project proposals

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The CIRIA projects listed below are seeking industry involvement and funding. Please select a project proposal for more information. Alternatively, you can download the latest programme in document form here. 
Effective innovative remediation approaches for contaminated land – case studies and good practice
This project will update C549 explain how to design and implement innovative land remediation technologies using a series of case studies.
Cost effective and innovative site investigation: a guide for safe application
This project will keep contaminated land practitioners, regulators and other stakeholders up-to-date with latest development, understand the benefits and limitations, theory and practical, safe and cost effective application of these new approaches
Delivering wellbeing at site level
While regulations require health and safety hazards and risks to be prevented and strictly controlled, there are no specific legal requirements for workers’ physical and mental health.
Effective management of environmental issues in facilities management (P3066)
CIRIA is proposing to develop a one-day training course that helps delegates understand the key environmental issues to manage during facilities management activities and the good practice to be implemented on a day-to-day basis.
Advanced Numerical Modelling in Geotechnical Engineering
Undertaking mainstream geotechnical design with numerical methods is relatively new for the industry and senior engineers potentially unfamiliar with the methods are required to put in place structures and procedures to guide the outcome and ensure r
Invasive species - supporting effective management on construction projects
This project will update CIRIA’s previous guidance and will be complemented by a series of briefings describing individual invasive species and detailing the relevant techniques to manage them.
Infrastructure assets - whole life design and management
This project will produce an “intelligent index” to CIRIA’s suite of Infrastructure Asset Management guides followed by a suite of documents / modules that cover the principal activities and topics associated with the project appraisal, design, manag
Lean in construction - implementation support
This project will provide further support to organisations considering the implementation of Lean by providing practical guidance on a number of additional aspects.
Groynes in coastal engineering
The document would extend and update CIRIA’s existing guide, particularly in terms of maintenance and materials.
Achieving biodiversity No Net Loss/Net Gain in development
There is therefore an urgent need for industry guidelines on NNL/NG in order for these approaches to be set in a UK context and based on international principles of good practice. There is also guidance needed on appropriate use of Defra’s metric ...
Delivering green infrastructure along linear assets
This project seeks to produce a range of outputs for clients and planners, highlighting examples of good practice on implementing green infrastructure along the linear infrastructure network and in doing so help share good practice between ...
Working with wildlife - supporting effective management on construction projects
This project will update CIRIA’s Working with wildlife: guidance for the construction industry (C691) by reflecting changes in regulation, legislation and development in practice since its publication in 2011
Use of crops in construction
This project will present the advantages and disadvantages of both established and innovative bio-based products and explore the opportunities and challenges encountered by those involved in projects adopting natural materials.
Expansion of environmental toolbox talks
CIRIA will liaise with CECA and Build UK to expand the suite of toolbox talks and provide up-to-date, comprehensive guidance and learning tools to the industry.
Supporting environmental good practice on site through e-learning
CIRIA is proposing to develop a series of e-learning modules that build on the content of the fourth edition of the Environmental good practice on site guide (C741) and the existing accompanying one-day classroom training course (IEMA approved).
Incentivisation and funding for SuDS
Following on from the development of CIRIA’S BeST (Benefits of SuDS tool) and the growing constraints on funding for capital and operational costs there is a growing need to understand the role and effectiveness of different funding models or incenti
Susdrain 2016 - 18
Susdrain provides a platform to share experiences and good practice on SuDS.
Planning for SuDS - embedding SuDS in the planning process
Following changes to the National Planning Policy Framework this project will support Local Planning Authorities and Lead Local Flood Authorities in developing approaches and policies to enable effective delivery of SuDS.
Local Authority SuDS Officer Organisation (LASOO)
This is likely to be a membership organisation with a subscription.
Guidance on the inspection and maintenance of SuDS
This project will assess the need for repackaging and representing guidance.
Design and Construction of Basements for Domestic Clients - geotechnical considerations
This best practice report would specifically address the geotechnical design of walls and foundations together with other associated ground related matters.
Grouted (Ground) Anchors - condition appraisal and remedial treatment
The publication of BS EN 1537:2013 (Execution of special geotechnical works grouted anchors) and revision of BS8081 and EC7, has presented a timely opportunity to produce good practice guidance for the industry.
Scoping the accreditation and / or assessment of SuDS schemes
This project will explore the opportunity and methodology for an accreditation scheme.
Infrastructure data – signposting of good practice in capture, management and analysis
This new initiative will signpost emerging good practice in the capture, management and analysis of construction and other related data.
Update to C634 Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC)
CIRIA will provide an update to C634 Accelerated Low Water Corrosion.
Risk assessment for contaminated land – 2014 update
This project will bring together current understanding and experience in assessing technical risk in contaminated sites.
Seaside piers - inspection and rehabilitation
This project will provide guidance for individuals and teams to understand enough about the potential structural problems and their solutions to appoint appropriate inspection and repair specialists.
Horizontal directional drilling
This new guidance will provide designers, contractors and owners with a clear understanding of the technique of horizontal directional drilling.
Deterioration and degradation modelling of infrastructure assets
CIRIA is undertaking scoping of a proposed project on deterioration and degradation modelling of infrastructure assets.
Managing archaeology in construction - effective management in terrestrial, intertidal and marine...
This project will support the realisation of the benefits that archaeology can bring to projects; building on CIRIA’s current guidance – Archaeology and development - a good practice guide to managing risk and maximising benefit (C672).